Video Editor

Redding, California, United States Full-time

The Video Editor is responsible for editing, delivering, and archiving WorshipU’s video assets. They work closely with the Marketing Manager and Video Producer to execute the department’s goals and ensure that all content produced is ready for market on schedule and presented well to ensure investment returns. They oversee the post-production of all video assets used for digital marketing, social networking, and WorshipU site content.

Expected Responsibilities

    • Bulk of work stems from instructional videos, tutorials, talking-head interviews, clips from speeches for social media with graphics, promotional videos, and some masterclass-style teaching videos
    • Reviewing raw material including video and audio assets to create a scene’s value and contribution to continuity
    • Quality check all final videos for mistakes and potential improvements before videos are delivered to producer or other stakeholders
    • Be proactive gathering all assets needed to edit each video project which includes footage from all camera angles, all audio files, graphics, pictures, Adobe project files, Dropbox links, background music, musical stems, LUTS, graphic intro/outros, while having an understanding of the “look and feel” of projects designated by the producer
    • Oversee WorshipU’s server including archiving and organizing unedited video files and audio files by maintaining a logical filing system on the server, making space for deliverables (Examples: ProRes, H.264, Social Media formats, YouTube, etc.)
    • Responsible for archiving and maintaining all projects to ensure that sufficient storage space exists on WorhipU’s online server
    • Negotiate with Bethel’s IT department on storage of videos on Facilis (a cloud-based storage system which houses WorshipU’s server) by communicating storage requirements as needed.


    • Edit video in a way that is invisible to the audience unless otherwise instructed
    • Be involved with producer and production team’s needs and specifications
    • Trim footage, putting together a professional video sequence
    • Input music, dialogue, graphics and effects if needed into editing timelines
    • Create rough and final cuts and post to for review by stakeholders
    • Listen, ask questions, and execute what is required by producer and other stakeholders even if there is a difference of aesthetics
    • Contribute to projects by speaking up, challenging stakeholders, even if it means cutting sequences to make one’s point more visual
    • Consult with stakeholders in the ideation, pre-production, production and post-production process
    • Continuously discover and implement new editing technologies and industry’s best practices to maximize efficiency
    • Use editing skills, education and software to compile video footage and computer graphics into a completed product

Required Skills

    • Proven work as a video editor
    • Must have solid experience editing with Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects (this is the video editing software used by WorshipU and Bethel Music)
    • Knowledge of motion graphics software such as Adobe After Effects
    • Export video files having a thorough understanding of Video Codecs, (.mov, .m4v, .mxf, H.264, etc.), Aspect Ratios, Frame Rates, etc.
    • Export audio files having a thorough understanding of Audio Codecs, MPEG-1 (.mp3), Waveform (.wav), AIFF, AAF, OMF, etc.
    • Exporting audio to/from Pro-Tools, and using musical stems such as those offered by and from Bethel Music’s album department for specific WU projects
    • Working knowledge of LUTs (Look Up Tables)
    • Expected to have detailed knowledge on coloring videos (as a lot of our video is recorded “flat”)
    • Thorough knowledge of timing, motivation and continuity when editing
    • Creative mind and storytelling skills
    • Additionally, the Editor needs to have strong communication skills, since they often work closely with clients and other production personnel, such as audio engineers, production coordinators, media production managers, producers, marketing managers, and musicians

 Additional Preferred Skills

    • Familiarity with special effects, 3D and compositing
    • The ideal candidate will know how to use digital recording cameras, such as a Blackmagic Mini Ursa Pro which are used at Bethel, to record additional footage or entire projects, have an understanding of lenses, as well as know lighting techniques or the ideal candidate can simply assist with production setups and teardowns