Creative Asset Coordinator

Redding, California, United States Full-time

Creative Asset Coordinator // Bethel Music

The Creative Asset Coordinator guides all creative projects and is responsible for the delivery of work produced by the Creative Department. This role requires not only the coordination of every task, but must have a clear understanding of deliverables, without losing sight of the daily details and the schedule.  Creative thinking, leadership skills, detail oriented, emotional intelligence, and clear and effective communication are all vital skills for this role. Our deliverables will touch a variety of projects ranging from artist’s albums and songs, to tours and events to marketing assets. You will work primarily with the Art Director, Marketing Operations Coordinator, Artists, and the Creative Producer.  


Expected Responsibilities


Creative Responsibilities:

  • Coordination of all moving parts within the creative team from setting up meetings for ideation to delivery of assets, to creative pitches through the completion of a project.  
  • Establish project timelines and scope and ensure that these are communicated to all stakeholders, steering committees, including internal and external team members; such as independent contractors.  
  • Work closely with designers, cross functional project managers, and media team.  
  • Serve as a liaison between design and media teams, encouraging collaboration and communication.  
  • Deliver all design assets for any given project to correct teams and upload all final digital assets to all department folders. 
  • Oversee and assess the design team, copy, and studio team across all tasks, all timelines as project coordinator.  
  • Schedule all creative meetings. Including agendas, taking notes and action items.  


Creative Requirements:

  • Experience managing and trafficking digital and print assets. 
  • Processes an understanding of Adobe products, and working knowledge of Microsoft Office, Google Suite and Project Management softwares, such as Asana. 
  • Ability to manage multiple high stake projects at once. 
  • Ability to simplify complex ideas into actionable goals and objectives 
  • Constantly looking at and brainstorming how to optimize internal processes 
  • Display excellent interpersonal skills 
  • Lead projects and workflow from concept to launch for all types of creative projects, to ensure they are on track, on time, follows briefs, and is on budget.  


Creative Reporting

  • Determine metrics to track and deliver a monthly report.  
  • Monthly meetings and check-in points with Art Director to express any concerns and solutions to any problems that may arise.
  • Build monthly forecasts of monthly routine projects to ensure standards are in place for process, planning, and schedules.  


Creative Required Skills

  • Expert organizational skills
  • Strong ability to multitask and work in a fast-paced environment.  
  • Outstanding communication skills, verbal and written
  • Understanding of creative process, workflow, software tools, and terminology
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • InDesign 
    • Illustrator 
    • Google Suite
  • Ability to be flexible, adaptable, agile, and solutions-oriented.
  • Attention to detail, deadline-oriented and strong project management skills. 
  • Stewarding a cheerful disposition and always bringing a “can-do” attitude, no matter the size or “importance” of the task/project